Extracting values out of a cell array with tables

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I have a 41x1 cell array with tables including stock returns (find the cell array attached). The tables dimensions vary in number of columns.
I would now like to exctract all the data except column 1:3 from every table into one 1xXXX matrix.
Does anyone have a suggestion for a loop working throug my cell array that returns the described matrix?

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per isakson
per isakson on 20 Apr 2021
Edited: per isakson on 20 Apr 2021
This script puts all the numerical data into a row vector (column-wise). You didn't say anything about order.
XXX = [];
for jj = 1 : numel( DL12_10T )
tbl = DL12_10T{jj}(:,4:end);
num = table2array( tbl );
XXX = horzcat( XXX, reshape(num,1,[]) );
whos XXX
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes
XXX 1x301836 2414688 double
per isakson
per isakson on 20 Apr 2021
It's possible to preallocate, but if the script is fast enough, why bother? It's easy to suppress the warning, which shows that you made a decision. If nothing else, preallocation adds a bit to the complexity of the code.
In this case you could preallocate a large XXX, and at the end remove any excess elements:
sas = whos('DL12_10T');
large_length = sas.bytes/8; % assuming double
XXX = nan( 1, large_length ); % physical memory shouldn't be a problem
Fabian Niederreiter
Fabian Niederreiter on 20 Apr 2021
Thanks for the information on the possiblity to surpress the warning. That was totally reasonable for my cause. :)
Thanks again for your time and effort! I appreciate it.

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