MATLAB "JoinTwoDa​tabaseTabl​esExample" Error

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Matalb throws an error when running the following the "JoinTwoDatabaseTablesExample". What am I missing?
Step 1: Open Join Two Databse Table Example
Step 2: Run first section of Code
%% Join Two Database Tables
% Use an ODBC connection to import product data from an inner join between
% two Microsoft(R) SQL Server(R) database tables into MATLAB(R).
% Create an ODBC database connection to a Microsoft SQL Server database
% with Windows(R) authentication. Specify a blank user name and password.
% The database contains the tables |productTable| and |suppliers|.
datasource = 'MS SQL Server Auth';
conn = database(datasource,'','');
Step 3: MATLAB throws the following error message.
Error using database (line 59)
Unable to access data source name. Use databaseConnectionOptions to create a data source. Use
configureODBCDataSource to create an ODBC data source.
Error in JoinTwoDatabaseTablesExample (line 10)
conn = database(datasource,'','');

Accepted Answer

Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 17 May 2021
There are several steps needed to set up a data source and connect to Microsoft SQL Server database or Azure Synapse SQL.
They are explained here
You'll see at step #3 in the first link that the line you're executing assumes that you are connecting to a data source named MS SQL Server Auth.

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