Antenna selection in massive mimo

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RT Student
RT Student on 23 May 2021
Commented: RT Student on 15 Jun 2021
Hello, I really need your help, I have to develop a program which allows to generate all the possible sub-matrices (30x15) of a mother matrix (220x15) with an exhaustive search for the purpose of antenna selection in a massive mimo system after all these sub antennas are generated it will be necessary to calculate the energy efficiency of each one to finally choose the optimal selection.
i tried this program, but it didn't generate me ALL possible submaters but only 220-30:
matrix = complex (rand (220.15), rand (220.15));
for row = 1: size (matrix, 1) -29
submatrix {row} = matrix (row: row + 29, :);
what should I do?
Thank you very much
RT Student
RT Student on 15 Jun 2021
Yes , it's juste un false tap. Thank's

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