Returning Incorrect index of array

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The simple code below try to find the min value and its index, excluding 0
x = [0 0.5 4 5];
[r,index] = min(x(x>0))
The min value is correctly founded as 0.5. However, why the index returns as 1, it suppose to return 2
r =
index =
Please help to solve. TQVM
Khairul Nur
Khairul Nur on 22 Jul 2021
tq stephen for the code, really appreciate that!

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Accepted Answer

Bjorn Gustavsson
Bjorn Gustavsson on 9 Jul 2021
It returns 1 for the index because the way you call min, x(x>0) becomes the array [0.5 4 5], and the first element of that array is the smallest.

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Viranch Patel
Viranch Patel on 9 Jul 2021
So if you write y = x(x>0), then it will take value only which is greater than 0 from the x and put it into y.
x = [0 0.5 4 5];
y = x(x>0);
[r,index] = min(x(x>0));
So y will be equal to [0.5000 4.0000 5.0000].
Now if you find minimum then the index will be 1 not 2.
I hope you get the answer:)
Khairul Nur
Khairul Nur on 12 Jul 2021
tq viranch.. great! its working

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