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Iteratively rename a .txt using writematrix

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Hello everybody,
I have created the following array:
substrates={'MgO' 'SiO2' 'W' 'Al2O3' 'Sapphire'};
What I want to do is, after calculating an array within a for loop for each "substrates" element, i=1:length(substrates), save it in .txt using the writematrix function. I have tried something like:
But it doesn't work, telling me the error that "MgO" is an invalid parameter name.
Any ideas?

Accepted Answer

Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 18 Jul 2021
Edited: Simon Chan on 18 Jul 2021
If you would like to write into a file with path and name as 'C:\Users\...\Matrix_MgO_Substrate.txt',
you need to concatenate strings horizontally like this:

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