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The MKR IMU shield is showing calibration status -1. How should I resolve this error ?

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My university has recently bought arduino engineering kit (Matlab and Simulink). While going through the tutorial of Seld balancing mototcycle my IMU shield is showing calibration status as -1 and even angular rate & Euler angles are giving output zero. Note: I am using BNO005 sensor (MKR IMU Shield) ,Arduino_Engineering_Kit_Project_Files and Arduino_Engineering_Kit_Project_Files_Rev_2. According to the tutorials by arduino education the calibration status should in between 0 to 3. I even tried buying new shield still it wont help : (
Please Help !! - Regards and thanks in advance.

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Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar on 27 Aug 2021
If the Status port outputs an array with all the elements having a value of -1, ensure that the sensor is properly connected to the hardware and the value of the I2C address parameter is correct.


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