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How can I reference the content of an UIAxes

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Hey everybody,
I'm writing an GUI for a Bike-Fitting App with App Designer. The User can take a Live-Video or read in a Videofile or Screenshot and display it on an UIAxes. When the user clicks the angle-Button i'd like to display the angles detected by markers.
The angle-Button should be able to recognize what is represented in the UIAxes at the time the user cliks it.
So is there any way to reference the content of the UIAxes (wether its a Video, or Screenshot,...)?
Best regards.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 23 Jul 2021
Not directly, not without some careful analysis of properties.
The issue is that live video, and video files, and screen shots, and reading images from files, all internally call upon image() to display the images -- videos are just images that keep being changed.
(It is possible that, depending exactly what you are doing, the newer uiimage() might be involved for some of them instead of image() )
It would be easier to just keep a state variable indicating what was being represented, or else reading the state of controls to find out what the user is doing.

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