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I am trying to implement a selection sort function

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Kevin Junior
Kevin Junior on 16 Oct 2013
Closed: Walter Roberson on 19 Oct 2013
what I got is a little too messy I want a more concise code for selection sort
function [y,TotalC,TotalS] = selectSort(x)
% x is an n-vector
% y is x with x(1) and x(m) swapped where x(m) is the minimum value in x
n = length(x);
TotalC = 0;
TotalS = 0;
S = 0;
for i = (1:n-1)
m = y(i);
minIndex = i;
for j = (i:n)
if y(j) <= m
m = y(j);
minIndex = j;
if i ~= minIndex
y([minIndex i]) = y([i minIndex]); %Swap
TotalC = TotalC + C;
TotalS = TotalS + S;
end %for

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