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I just published a blog post announcing the release.
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What do you think about the NVIDIA's achivement of becoming the top giant of manufacturing chips, especially for AI world?
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Dear members, I’m currently doing research on the subject of using Generative A.I. as a digital designer. What our research group would like to know is which ethical issues have a big impact on the decisions you guys and girls make using generative A.I.
Whether you’re using A.I. or not, we would really like to know your vision and opinion about this subject. Please empty your thoughts and oppinion into your answers, we would like to get as much information as possible.
Are you currently using A.I. when doing your job? Yes, what for. No (not yet), why not?
Using A.I., would you use real information or alter names/numbers to get an answer?
What information would or wouldn’t you use? If the client is asking/ordering you to do certain things that go against your principles, would you still do it because order is order? How far would you go?
Who is responsible for the outcome of the generated content, you or the client?
Would you still feel like a product owner if it was co-developed with A.I.?
What we are looking for is that we would like to know why people do or don’t use AI in the field of design and wich ethical considerations they make. We’re just looking for general moral line of people, for example: 70% of designers don’t feel owner of a design that is generated by AI but 95% feels owner when it is co-created.
So therefore the questions we asked, we want to know the how you feel about this.
One of the starter prompts is about rolling two six-sided dice and plot the results. As a hobby, I create my own board games. I was able to use the dice rolling prompt to show how a simple roll and move game would work. That was a great surprise!
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is there any sites available online free ai course learning except:
MatGPT was launched on March 22, 2023 and I am amazed at how many times it has been downloaded since then - close to 16,000 downloads in one year. When AI Chat Playground came out on MATLAB Central, I thought surely that people will stop using MatGPT. Boy I was wrong.
In early 2023 I was playing with the new shiny toy called ChatGPT like everyone else but instead of having it tell me jokes or haiku, I wanted to know how I can use it on MATLAB, and I started collecting the prompts that worked. Someone suggested I should turn that into an app, and MatGPT was born with help from other colleagues.
Here is the question - what should I do with it now? Some people suggested I could add other LLMs like Gemini or Claude, but I am more interested in learning how people actually use it.
If you are a MatGPT user, do you mind sharing how you use the app?
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How long until the 'dumbest' models are smarter than your average person? Thanks for sharing this article @Adam Danz
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I was in a meeting the other day and a coworker shared a smiley face they created using the AI Chat Playground. The image looked something like this:
And I suspect the prompt they used was something like this:
"Create a smiley face"
I imagine this output wasn't what my coworker had expected so he was left thinking that this was as good as it gets without manually editing the code, and that the AI Chat Playground couldn't do any better.
I thought I could get a better result using the Playground so I tried a more detailed prompt using a multi-step technique like this:
"Follow these instructions:
- Create code that plots a circle
- Create two smaller circles as eyes within the first circle
- Create an arc that looks like a smile in the lower part of the first circle"
The output of this prompt was better in my opinion.
These queries/prompts are examples of 'zero-shot' prompts, the expectation being a good result with just one query. As opposed to a back-and-forth chat session working towards a desired outcome.
I wonder how many attempts everyone tries before they decide they can't anything more from the AI/LLM. There are times I'll send dozens of chat queries if I feel like I'm getting close to my goal, while other times I'll try just one or two. One thing I always find useful is seeing how others interact with AI models, which is what inspired me to share this.
Does anyone have examples of techniques that work well? I find multi-step instructions often produces good results.
We're thrilled to announce the roll-out of some new features that are going to supercharge your Playground experience! Here's what's new:
Copy/Download code from the script area
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Run Code directly from the Chat panel
Execute code snippets from the chat section with a single click. This new affordance means saving a step since you no longer have to insert code and then hit run from the toolstrip to execute instead just hit run in the chat panel to see the output immediately in the script area
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We hope you will love these updates. Try them out and let us know your feedback.
I recently discovered a 2-minute video that introduces MatGPT, and I believe it's a resource worth sharing. The creator highlights MatGPT's impressive capabilities by demonstrating how it tackles the classic Travelling Salesman Problem.
With more than 13,000 downloads on File Exchange, MatGPT is gaining traction among users. I strongly recommend taking it for a spin to experience its potential firsthand.
how accurate are the answers of the AI Playground regarding information that are not specifiyed in the documentation?
Mike Croucher
Mike Croucher
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When I want to understand a problem, I'll often use different sources. I'll read different textbooks, blog posts, research papers and ask the same question to different people. The differences in the solutions are almost always illuminating.
I feel the same way about AIs. Sometimes, I don't want to ask *THE* AI...I want to ask a bunch of them. They'll have different strengths and weaknesses..different personalities if you want to think of it that way.
I've been playing with the AI chat arena and there really is a lot of difference between the answers return by different models.
I think it would be great if the MATLAB Chat playgroundwere to allow the user to change which AI they were talking with.
What does everyone else think?
I have been finding the AI Chat Playground very useful for daily MATLAB use. In particular it has been very useful for me in basically replacing or supplementing dives into MATLAB documentation. The documentation for MATLAB is in my experience uniformly excellent and thorough but it is sometimes lengthy and hard to parse and the AI Chat is a great one stop shop for many questions I have. However, I would find it very useful if the AI Chat could answer my queries and then also supply a link directly to the documentation. E.g. a box at the bottom of the answer that is basically
"Here is the documentation on the functions AI Chat referred to in this response"
could be neat.
I am using simulink for the frequency response analysis of the three phase induction motor stator winding.
The problem is that i can't optimise the pramaeter values manually, for this i have to use genetic algrothem. But iam stucked how to use genetic algorithum to optimise my circuit paramter values like RLC. Any guidence will be highly appreciated.
James Prestegard
James Prestegard
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I have been developing a neural net to extract a set of generative parameters from an image of a 2-D NMR spectrum. I use a pair of convolution layers each followed by a fullyconnected layer; the pair are joined by an addtion layer and that fed to a regression layer. This trains fine, but answers are sub-optimal. I woudl like to add a fully connected layer between the addtion layer and regression, but training using default training scripts simply won't converge. Any suggestions? Maybe I can start with the pre-trained weights for the convolution layers, but I don't know how to do this.
I am a beginner of deep learning, and meet with some problems in learning the MATLAB example "Denoise Signals with Adversarial Learning Denoiser Model", hope very much to get help!
1. visualizaition of the features
It is my understanding that the encoded representation of the autoencoder is the features of the original signal. However in this example, the output dimension of the encoder is 64xSignalLength. Does it mean that every sample point of the signal has 64 features?
2. usage of the residual blocks
The encoder-decoder model uses residual blocks (which contribute to reconstructing the denoised signal from the latent space, ). However, only the encoder output is connected to the discriminator. Doesn't it cause the prolem that most features will be learned by the residual blocks, and only a few features that could confuse the discriminator will be learned by the encoder and sent to the discriminator?
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This is not a question, it is my attempt at complying with the request for thumbs up/down voting. I vote thumbs up, for having AI.....
I am not sure if specific AI errors are to be reported. Other messages I just read from others here and the AI Chat itself clearly state that errors abound.
My AI request was: "Plot 300 points of field 2"
AI Chat gave me, in part:
data = thingSpeakRead(channelID, 'Fields', 2, 'NumPoints', 300, 'ReadKey', readAPIKey);
% Extract the field values
field1Values = data.Field1;
% Plot the data
The AI code failed due to "Dot indexing is not supported for variables of this type"
So, I corrected the code thus to get the correct plot:
data = thingSpeakRead(channelID, 'Fields', 2, 'NumPoints', 300, 'ReadKey', readAPIKey);
% Extract the field values
%field1Values = data.Field1;
% Plot the data
I see great promise in AI Chat.
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Write a matlab script that will print the odd numbers, 1 through 20, in reverse.
I cannot figure out how to do this correctly, please help.
I saw this post on Answers.
I was impressed at the capability of the AI, as I have been at other times when I posed a question to it, at least some of the time. So much so that I wondered...
What if the AI were automatically applied to EVERY question on Answers? Would that be a good or bad thing? For example, suppose the AI automatically offers an answer to every question as soon as it gets posted? Of course, users would still be allowed to post their own, possibly better answers. But would it tend to disincentivise individuals from ansering questions?
Perhaps as bad, would it push Answers into the mode of a homework solving forum? Since if every homework question gets a possibly pretty good automatic AI generated solution, then every student will just post all HW questions, and the forum would quickly become overwhelmed.
I suppose one idea could be to set up the AI to post an answer to all un-answered questions that are at least one month old. Then students would not gain by posting their homework.