The 2019 annual badges have been awarded to our top contributors, see who's had the biggest impact on the community

David on 21 Jan 2020 (Edited on 4 Feb 2020)
Latest activity Edit by Raymond MacNeil on 13 Mar 2020

Walter Roberson does it again by winning the coveted MOST ACCEPTED answers badge for all his contributions in MATLAB Answers this past year. Walter has won this badge every year since 2015. It was way back in 2014 when Image Analyst out paced Walter and was awarded the badge.

There are 10 community members who have achieved the Top Downloads badge for their popular File Exchange submissions in 2019. Do you recognize any of these names? There's a good chance you've used one or more of their toolboxes or scripts in your work if you're a frequent visitor to File Exchange, if you're not you might want to check out what they've posted, it may save you a lot of time writing your own code.

--------------------- Top Downloads Badge Winners -----------------

Congratulations to all these winners and a giant THANK YOU for all they've done this past year to help everyone in the MATLAB Central community!

Raymond MacNeil
Raymond MacNeil on 13 Mar 2020 (Edited on 13 Mar 2020)

I am in complete agreement with Hans Scharler. On countless occasions I have been helped by Walter's responses to questions posed by myself and others. Other folks who come to mind as having made significant contributions:

  • ImageAnalyst
  • Jan
  • Stephen Cobeldick
Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler on 23 Feb 2020

These contributors make a huge impact on the community... Thank you!

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