Scenario Builder for Automated Driving Toolbox

Build simulation scenarios from real-world vehicle data recorded from GPS, IMU, camera, and lidar sensors
Updated 18 Apr 2024
The Scenario Builder for Automated Driving Toolbox, allows users to generate simulation scenarios for automated driving applications. It provides functions that helps to generate scenarios from both raw real-world vehicle data and processed object list data from perception modules.
With RoadRunner Scene Builder, users can visualize the generated scenes with roads, lanes, and roadside objects in RoadRunner. These scenes can then be exported to ASAM OpenDRIVE® format. On the other hand, RoadRunner Scenario tool facilitates the simulation of scenario actors, such as vehicles, along their trajectories. The resulting scenarios can be exported to ASAM OpenSCENARIO® v1.x and v2.0 formats.
The generated scenes and scenarios can be used for designing and testing automated driving applications.