plotting contents of a csv spreadsheet

convenience function for plotting columns of a spreadsheet


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This script opens a csv (comma-separated-file) and plots the contents as specified by the user. In addition to simply plotting columns, mathematical functions of columns can be plotted as well (i.e. '1+2' where '1' is the first column, and '2' is the second column).

help csvplot:

plots contents from a .csv file, which just contains numeric data and can
be opened using csvread.
plt = csvplot( file, {var x}, {var y1}, {var y2} ..., optional )
where {var x} specifies the x variable using either an integer for the
column number or 'c' + column number, i.e. {var x} = 'c1' for the first column.
likewise {var y1} specifies the first y variable using 'c' + column number, i.e.
{var y1} = 'c2' for the second column.
Also, standard math operations can be specified using a character string, i..e {var y1} = 'c1+c2.^3'

for some examples just run csvplot without any arguements.

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Stephan Koehler (2023). plotting contents of a csv spreadsheet (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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