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Carbon Nanotube Diameter and Metallicity Calculator

version (1.67 KB) by Steven Shimizu
Calculates diameter and metallicity of carbon nantoubes given chiral indices

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Updated 26 Feb 2014

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A simple function that calculates the diameter (in nanometers) and metallicity (metallic or semiconducting) of a carbon nanotube using an input scalar or vector of n and m chiral indices.

The return value, metallic, is a scalar or vector with a value of 1 if the tube is metallic or 0 if the tube is semiconducting.

[d, metallic] = calcCNTDiameter(6,5)
d = 7.4697e-01
metal = 0

[d,metallic] = calcCNTDiameter([6,7],[5,7])
d = 7.4697e-01
metal = 0

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Steven Shimizu (2020). Carbon Nanotube Diameter and Metallicity Calculator (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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