Chebyshev to monomial basis

Chebyshev to monomial basis conversion
Updated 31 Mar 2015

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B = CHEB2MON(A) converts polynomial A given in Chebyshev basis to
monomial basis B. The polynomial must be given with its coefficients in
descending order, i.e. A = A_N*T_N(x) + ... + A_1*T_1(x) + A_0*T_0(x)
Suppose we have a polynomial in Chebyshev basis:
a2*T_2(x) + a1*T_1(x) + a0*T_0(x), where T_0=1, T_1=x, T_2=2x^2-1
and for example a2=1, a1=0, a0=-1.
We want to express the polynomial in the monomial base {1,x,x^2), i.e.
a2*T_2(x) + a1*T_1(x) + a0*T_0(x) = b2*x^2 + b1*x + b0,
where b = [b2 b1 b0] is sought.
a = [1 0 -1];
b = cheb2mon(a);

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