Wind Rose / Energy Rose

This file creates a wind rose of input data (e.g. wind direction and wind speed)
Updated 2 Apr 2016

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The purpose of this submission is to provide a simple to use wind rose generator which bins the data for you. It is also possible to create an energy rose.
WindRoseData = WindRose(AxisHandle, WindDirectionData, Data, ...
WindDirectionBins, WindSpeedBins, CirclePositions, ...
Title, varargin)

WindRoseData = WindRose(gca, 360 * rand(1000, 1), 40 * rand(1000, 1), ...
0 : 30 : 330, 2.5 : 5 : 37.5, [5 10 15 20], ...
'My first wind rose!');

The basic idea came from this submission: The best results are procuded using a recent MATLAB version, because of the new anti-aliasing for plots.

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Vincent Wilms (2024). Wind Rose / Energy Rose (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Created with R2013a
Compatible with any release
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Inspired by: Wind_rose

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Version Published Release Notes

Reduced the dependencies and included the remaining dependencies in WindRose.m to have just a single file.

Implemented support to disable specific or all decorations.