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version 0.1.0 (18.3 KB) by ESala
MATLAB client for InfluxDB


Updated 17 Jan 2021

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This is a MATLAB client library for interacting with InfluxDB.

The library has been tested with InfluxDB 1.5 and MATLAB R2018a.

Earlier versions of InfluxDB or MATLAB may also work but have not been tested.

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ESala (2021). influxdb-matlab (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Peter Gamma

MATLAB client for InfluxDB could be really helpful to handle physiological sensor data in Matlab.
There is now Matlab support for Bluetooth low energy sensors like heart rate sensors or foot pod sensors:
Unfortunately, there is not ANT+ support for Matlab. MATLAB client for InfluxDB, MQQT in combination with InfluxDB and Grafana, and the Linux Pinephone project is a solution which is superior the Bluetooth low energy solution of Matlab, since it does not need a direct pairing of the sensors to a PC, but can be routed over MQQT:
This makes this solution more practical for mobile applications.

Peter Gamma

There is a new solution available to stream ANT+ sensor data from Garmin watches to Matlab (trough an MQTT brocker) and from there to MATLAB client for InfluxDB
As long as there is no android application available which sends sensor data to an MQTT brocker and from there to Matlab, integrate the example code from Reto in a Linux Pine Phone
Also the Bitalino support team commented the idea regarding the InfluxDB a very promising solution to organize data acquired and processed from a multi-sensor setup (see Bitalino Forum)

Peter Gamma

Peter Gamma

Bluetooth smart sensors might be easier to stream into Matlab than ANT+ sensors:

What is missing are examples in Matlab for instance for the POLAR OH1 sensor (BLE & ANT+) as currently potentially the most accurate optical heart rate sensor and the Stryd foot pod (BLE & ANT+) as currently the most accurate foot pod:

Developers welcome.


I am trying this tool to generate data for Influx, to that I can read them with another tool like Grafana. I have noted the run command "show database" provide no answers.


Peter Gamma

To solve the problem to stream ANT+ sensor data to the MATLAB client for InfluxDBMatlab could be solved by:
1. Contributing to the GITHUB project " Is it possible to bring back to live again?"
2. Modifying the example "virtual power" for bicycle turbo trainers to stream to the MATLAB client for InfluxDBMatlab :
3. IoT streaming with a GARMIN watch and adding Lab Streaming Layer (LSL):

Peter Gamma

This MATLAB client for InfluxDB could be helpful to stream ANT+ sensor data from Garmin watches to Matlab. Garmin watches have excellent optical heart rate sensors. Unfortunately, nobody has solved the problem to stream ANT+ sensor data to Matlab to this date. That is a pity, since the optical heart rate sensor of GARMIN watches are accurate enough also for scientific studies. And they are comfortable to wear and can aquire data up to 24 h. This could be helpful for long-term meditation studies with multiple subjects, which require low-cost devices.

Peter Gamma

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2018a
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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