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Faster dec2base Function

version 1.0.0 (3.18 KB) by Friedrich
This is a fast replacement for dec2base. It has the same syntax as dec2base and does not require compiling.

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Updated 20 Aug 2018

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dec2base is a nice function but slow for large arrays and quite RAM hungry.
This version is a lot faster and minimizes RAM usage. It has the same input-output behavior as dec2base.

To make use of this improvement, just replace all your dec2base calls with ndec2base.

Included are two files: ndec2base.m and fdec2base.m

ndec2base has the same error checks as dec2base
fdec2base skips error checks to be a little faster, is only faster on small arrays

Function is fastest for bases 10 and lower.

For best results call the function on a whole array instead of calling it on each element.

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Friedrich (2019). Faster dec2base Function (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Inspired by: Faster base2dec Function

Inspired: Faster base2dec Function