Custom line style for plot function

Use your custom line style
Updated 19 Aug 2021

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Use your custom line style with function named plot_dash
You can design your line pattern and its length by the parameter spec_ and num_
For instance,
  1. Matlab default dashed line ∽ spec_ = [1, 0.5], n_ = 27.1
  2. Matlab default solid line = spec_ = [1, 0.0], n_ = any number but 1 recommanded
  3. Matlab default dotted line ∽ You can do it with this code, but just use matlab default option to save your memory (50 points are created per one pattern)
  4. Long dashed line ∽ spec_ = [1, 0.5], n_ = 10
  5. Dashed dot line ∽ spec_ = [1, 0.1, 0.1, 0.1], n_ = 26
  6. ...
This line style is not shown for the Matlab's default legend function.
So, I provide not-sophisticated additional functions
See example codes and you'll get it.
  1. Odd components of spec_ is length of solid part of the pattern
  2. Even components of spec_ is length of empty part of the pattern
  3. There's no limit for the spec_'s dimension
  4. However, dimension of the spec_ should be even number
  5. n_ is the number of patterns that can be fitted in the line x = xlim, y = [0, 0]
  6. Don't worry. It works based on the curve length, not the x array

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