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I work at MathWorks India Pvt. Ltd.

DISCLAIMER: Any advice or opinions posted here are my own, and in no way reflect that of MathWorks.

I have Bachelor's in Instrumentation and Control from Nirma Uni., Master's in Flight Mechanics and Control, Dept. of Aerospace Eng. IITK. I worked on fixed wing and quadrotor drones. My areas of interest are classical and modern control, Non-linear control, adaptive control, optimal control, spacecraft dynamics, orbital mechanics and trajectory optimization.


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Kinova gen 3 motion issues
Hello, Based on the Kinova Gen3 manual, the joint velocity and acceleration limits for the cartesian control modes are as follo...

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UR3 - How to set tool offset
Hello Krishna, You can leverage addBody function from the Robotics Systems Toolbox to attach the holder at the end of the 'tool...

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How to use Robotics Sytem Toolbox functions on real robot?
Hello Lara, Though it is possible to control the UR robots via RTDE using MATLAB, the setup process involves certain additional...

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how to replace package inside the package parrot minidrones with external package?
Hi Liu Kai, The Simulink Support Package for Parrot Minidrones is meant exclusively for Parrot Mambo and Rolling Spider only. W...

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Px4 Support for Embedded Coder - pixhawk not configured correctly
Regarding the PWM pins not working as intended : PX4 has two arming mehnisams. The one which you are doing with the uORB write a...

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Set a personal area network for my Parrot Minidrone
Usually, when there are strong bluettoth devices nearby, the bluetooth adaptor failes to detect a minidrone in such situations. ...

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Computed Angle is flipping
The "unwrap" function alters the input only when the difference between two consecutive data points is grater than π radians. Yo...

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Connection issues during PX4 uorb topic data relay in External Mode
I am assuming that when you press "Monitor & Tune" (R2019b) or "Run" in external mode (R2019a and earlier), the simulink model i...

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