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how can i code in matlab to find the optimal parameter of function
For anybody stumbling across this, there is the "fminsearch" function, which could be used to do this. This function is within ...

8 months ago | 0

Adding help content to AppDesigner App
From what I can tell, no. Greg's workaround is one suggestion. Alternatively, I've decided to write a static help function in m...

9 months ago | 0

Anyway to plot one point
I'm a bit late to the party, BUT... The issue this person is having is that the default plot type is just a "line" which conn...

10 months ago | 4


Live scripts: Get axes handle of figure NOT stored in live script.
I have a function which has plotted a series of functions as non-livescript plots, but not passed the plot handles out. I am tr...

11 months ago | 0 answers | 1




Saving large files within parfor loops
i am trying to save variables >2Gb to separate .mat files from within a parfor loop. I have written a parsave function and exple...

11 months ago | 0 answers | 0




Is there a function that will test if the input is char OR string OR cellstr?
Given many MatLab functions can easily handle strings, cellstrings and char arrays in their stride, is there a function which al...

12 months ago | 2 answers | 0



How can I display function hints for methods in a class?
It seems I misenterpreted the question. I will leave my previous answer below, but if you DO write the signatures json, you coul...

1 year ago | 0


How to convert rows of matrices to entries in multidimensional struct.
Hi, I have a large matrices with consistant number of rows. I wish to create a multidimensional struct with each row contained ...

1 year ago | 1 answer | 0