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Chiemela Victor Amaechi

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PhD Student and Associate Lecturer; Interests in Mathematical Modelling, Offshore Structures modelling, Composite marine risers, Control system, Energy storage, Riser tensioner systems, Finite Element Analysis, CFD


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Where can I get toolbox for control of marine riser tensioners or available codes?
Am having a control design requirement and would need some help with the toolbox or codes available that on the control of marin...

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How to pass a parameter structure from m-file to Simulink?
The answers above are very correct and valid. In addition to using the Call Param() and function callMySimulinkModel, you can ...

4 years ago | 0

how can i make a music using matlab??
SYNTAX FOR MUSIC IN MATLAB: clear; a=sin(2*pi*440*(0:0.000125:0.5)); b=sin(2*pi*493.88*(0:0.000125:0.5)); cs=sin(2*pi*554.37...

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