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how do I fix "failed to generate all binary outputs" error
Hello Steven, It appears like the support package installation did not complete successfully because the API.h should have be...

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How do I install a Support Package for MATLAB R2016b and later releases using Add On Explorer on a computer that has restrictions to downloading files from a third party site?
During installation of a hardware support package, I try to authenticate the MathWorks login prompt and it tells me that an erro...

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How do I check if my Simulink model was successfully downloaded to the VEX microcontroller or not?
Lloyd- I did respond to your question on the BEST Robotics forum. Did you have luck with deployment on the new computer? If ...

4 years ago | 0

BEST robotics installation issue
Hello Brian, The install video was removed since we updated the install process this year. Instead, I would recommend reviewi...

6 years ago | 0

Robot file is not being uploaded to vex MicroController.
Hello, Are you able to build and download one of the example models? Could you share your model with us for further investiga...

6 years ago | 0

How to I resolve "the operation or expression '(' has no effect" when plotting?
Try: figure plot([1:5], QTL) More info:

7 years ago | 0

How can I install hardware support without downloading the package via the installer?
The answer below from the 'MathWorks Support Team' on a similar question might be helpful:

7 years ago | 0

Compiled GUI Executable working except for printing of plot. Plot printing routine works when run in MATLAB.
Please try 'deployprint' instead of 'print' command and see if this fixes your problem.

7 years ago | 0

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How can you use a GUI pop up menu to display file name in a folder
You could use a pop up menu populated with names of files that you want the user to choose or you could use a push button whose ...

7 years ago | 1

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