Meudon, France

The MathWorks Meudon office is well located in a southwestern suburb of Paris. With Paris only three or four stops away on the tram or RER, you can enjoy green spaces at lunch with your colleagues, while having all the excitement and attractions of Paris only minutes away.

Meudon Office

Les Montalets
2 rue de Paris
92196 Meudon Cedex

Public Transportation


  • Take the 289 bus to the Verdun-Jean Pierre Timbaud stop or Carrefour de la Ferme stop.
  • Take the 123 bus to the Carrefour de la Ferme stop.
  • Get off at Meudon Val Fleury stop and take the 289 bus in the direction of Porte de Ste Cloud to the Carrefour de la Ferme stop.


  • Get off at Issy val de Seine, take the Tramway to La Defense and stop at Les Moulineaux.
  • Get off at Issy and walk to the office (around 10 minutes).
  • Get off at Meudon Val Fleury stop and take the 289 bus toward Porte de Ste Cloud, to Carrefour de la Ferme stop.


  • Get off at the Meudon Station stop.

Tramway T2

  • Get off at the Les Moulineaux stop, a 10-minute walk to our office.

Culture and Benefits

  • Fresh fruit daily
  • Wednesday breakfast “à la française” including croissant, pain au chocolat, chausson aux pommes, and pain aux raisins
  • Free coffee and beverages
  • CE (Works council) activities: Galettes des Rois, summer picnic, holiday party, sports, and cultural activities
  • Celebrations with crepes, cakes, and other specialty foods from the French gastronomy
  • Football table (and tournament) in the office; soccer team outside of work, with annual tournament during Sales team meetings in Boston

Gender Equality Index

The Gender Equality Index, an initiative of the French government, measures the evolution of equality between women and men in France. Organizations are rated on four indicators. The scores are totaled then adjusted proportionally to a 100-point scale.

The scores for MathWorks France in 2022 are: 

  • Gender pay gap: 34/40
  • Distribution gap for individual pay increases: 35/35
  • Number of women receiving raises upon return from maternity leave: 15/15
  • Parity among the 10 highest paid employees: 5/10

The Gender Equality Index for MathWorks France in 2022 is 88 out of 100.