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Bioinformatics Toolbox Software Support Packages

Bioinformatics Toolbox™ provides support packages for various next-generation sequencing workflows and analyses. To make a support package available in your MATLAB® command line, you must first install it.

Install Support Package

Follow these steps to install a support package.

  1. In the Environment section of the MATLAB toolstrip, select Add-Ons > Get Add-Ons.

  2. In the Add-On Explorer, search for the support package that you want to install by entering its name.

  3. Install the support package.

For details about installing add-ons, see Get and Manage Add-Ons. For other information, see Add-Ons.

Available Support Packages

The following table lists all the Bioinformatics Toolbox support packages that are available for download as Add-Ons.

Support Package Name


Corresponding MATLAB functions

Supported OS

Bowtie 2 Support Package for Bioinformatics Toolbox [1] (download link)


bowtie2, bowtie2build, bowtie2inspect.

Windows®, Mac, and Linux®

Cufflinks Support Package for the Bioinformatics Toolbox [2] (download link)


cufflinks, cuffcompare, cuffdiff, cuffgffread, cuffgtf2sam, cuffmerge, cuffnorm, cuffquant.

Windows, Mac, and Linux

BWA Support Package for Bioinformatics Toolbox [3][4] (download link)


bwaindex, bwamem.

Windows, Mac, and Linux

SRA Toolkit for Bioinformatics Toolbox [5] (download link)


srafasterqdump, srasamdump

Windows, Mac, and Linux

BLAST+ Support Package for Bioinformatics Toolbox [6][7] (download link)


blastplusdatabase, blastplus, blastplusoptions

Windows, Mac, and Linux

Version of the original (third-party) software

You need to install Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and a Linux distribution on your Windows machine. For details on installing WSL, see here.

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