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Update files in build information with missing paths and file extensions



updateFilePathsAndExtensions(buildinfo,extensions) specifies the file name extensions (file types) to include in search and update processing.

Using paths from the build information, the updateFilePathsAndExtensions function checks whether file references in the build information require an updated path or file extension. Use this function to:

  • Maintain build information for a toolchain that requires the use of file extensions.

  • Update multiple customized instances of build information for a given model.

If you use updateFilePathsAndExtensions, you call it after you add files to the build information. This approach minimizes the potential performance impact of the required disk I/O.


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In your working folder, create the folder path etcproj/etc , add files etc.c, test1.c, and test2.c to the folder etc. For this example, the working folder is w:\work\BuildInfo. From the working folder, update build information myBuildInfo with missing paths or file extensions.

myBuildInfo = RTW.BuildInfo;
addSourcePaths(myBuildInfo,fullfile(pwd, ...
addSourceFiles(myBuildInfo,{'etc' 'test1' ...
before = getSourceFiles(myBuildInfo,true,true);
>> before

before = 

    '\etc'    '\test1'    '\test2'
after = getSourceFiles(myBuildInfo,true,true);
>> after{:}

ans =


ans =


ans =


Input Arguments

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RTW.BuildInfo object that contains information for compiling and linking generated code.

The extensions argument specifies the file name extensions (file types) to include in search and update processing. The function checks files and updates paths and extensions based on the order in which you list the extensions in the cell array. For example, if you specify {'.c' '.cpp'} and a folder contains myfile.c and myfile.cpp, an instance of myfile is updated to myfile.c.

Example: '.c' '.cpp'

Version History

Introduced in R2006a