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Text Analytics

Extend deep learning workflows with text analytics applications

Apply deep learning to text analytics applications by using Deep Learning Toolbox™ together with Text Analytics Toolbox™.


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wordEmbeddingLayerWord embedding layer for deep learning neural network
fastTextWordEmbeddingPretrained fastText word embedding
readWordEmbeddingRead word embedding from file
trainWordEmbeddingTrain word embedding
doc2sequenceConvert documents to sequences for deep learning
word2vecMap word to embedding vector
word2indMap word to encoding index
vec2wordMap embedding vector to word
ind2wordMap encoding index to word
isVocabularyWordTest if word is member of word embedding or encoding
writeWordEmbeddingWrite word embedding file
wordEmbeddingWord embedding model to map words to vectors and back
wordEncodingWord encoding model to map words to indices and back