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Scenarios in Simulink

Test ADAS and automated driving systems in Simulink® using synthetic driving scenarios

To test an advanced driver assistance (ADAS) or automated driving system built in Simulink, you can use synthetic driving scenarios. Create these scenarios in either the Driving Scenario Designer app or by using a drivingScenario object. Then, read the driving scenario into Simulink by using a Scenario Reader block. To visualize the scenario in Simulink, use the Bird's-Eye Scope app.


Driving Scenario DesignerDesign driving scenarios, configure sensors, and generate synthetic data
Bird's-Eye ScopeVisualize sensor coverages, detections, and tracks


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Scenario ReaderRead driving scenario into model
Vehicle To WorldConvert actors from ego vehicle coordinates to world coordinates (Since R2020a)
World To VehicleConvert actors from world coordinates to ego vehicle coordinates (Since R2020a)
Cuboid To 3D SimulationConvert actor from cuboid coordinates to 3D simulation coordinates (Since R2020a)
INSSimulate INS sensor (Since R2021b)
Driving Radar Data GeneratorGenerate radar sensor detections or track reports from driving scenario or RoadRunner Scenario (Since R2021a)
Vision Detection GeneratorDetect objects and lanes from visual measurements in a driving scenario or RoadRunner Scenario
Lidar Point Cloud Generator Generate lidar point cloud data for driving scenario or RoadRunner Scenario (Since R2020b)
Ultrasonic Detection GeneratorGenerate ultrasonic sensor detections from driving scenario or RoadRunner Scenario (Since R2022b)
Detection ConcatenationCombine detection reports from different sensors