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Data Type Optimization in Simulink

Fixed-point data type optimization for an efficient design

Data type optimization automatically iterates through various fixed-point configurations to choose the optimal heterogeneous data types while meeting tolerance constraints on the numerical behavior of your system. The optimization seeks to minimize an objective function, such as total bit width or total operator counts, using fixed-point data types for an efficient design.

You can optimize data types using the fxpopt function at the command line, or by using the Optimized Fixed-Point Conversion workflow in the Fixed-Point Tool.


Fixed-Point ToolConvert a floating-point model to a fixed-point model


fxpoptOptimize data types of a system


fxpOptimizationOptionsSpecify options for data type optimization
OptimizationSolutionOptimized fixed-point implementation of system
OptimizationResult Result after optimizing fixed-point system



Blocks That Do Not Support Fixed-Point Data Types

Troubleshoot blocks that are not supported for fixed-point conversion.

Data Type Optimization Not Successful

Troubleshoot errors thrown during data type optimization using the fxpopt function.

Best Practices for Working with the MATLAB Function Block in Automated Fixed-Point Conversion Workflows

Follow best practices and avoid unsupported MATLAB® Function block features.