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Fixed-Point Matrix Operations in MATLAB

Optimized fixed-point math operations, matrix solvers, and matrix decomposition functions for efficient code

Use these functions to perform fixed-point math and matrix operations and generate efficient code. These functions solve systems of linear equations and perform matrix decompositions in a way that is efficient for embedded devices.


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ceilDivRound the result of division toward positive infinity
fixDivRound the result of division toward zero
floorDivRound the result of division toward negative infinity
nearestDivRound the result of division toward the nearest integer
modByConstantModulus after division by a constant denominator
fixed.backwardSubstituteSolve upper-triangular system of equations through backward substitution
fixed.forwardSubstituteSolve lower-triangular system of equations through forward substitution
fixed.qlessQRQ-less QR decomposition
fixed.qlessQRUpdateUpdate QR factorization
fixed.qrABCompute C = Q'*B and upper-triangular factor R
fixed.qrMatrixSolveSolve system of linear equations Ax = B for x using QR decomposition
fixed.qlessQRMatrixSolveSolve system of linear equations (A'A)x = B for x using Q-less QR decomposition