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Determine whether a fixed.Interval object is left-bounded

Since R2019b



bool = isLeftBounded(A) returns a boolean indicating whether the fixed.Interval object A is left-bounded.


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Create a fixed.Interval object. Use the isLeftBounded function to determine whether the interval is bounded on the left.

interval = fixed.Interval({-pi,pi},{-inf,1});
bool = isLeftBounded(interval)
bool = 1x2 logical array

   1   0

The output is a logical 1 when the left end of the interval is bounded, and 0 otherwise.

Input Arguments

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Input fixed.Interval object, specified as a fixed.Interval object, or an array of fixed.Interval objects.

Output Arguments

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Indicates whether the fixed.Interval object A is left-bounded, returned as a logical value. Returns 0 (false) when A contains -inf, and 1 (true) otherwise.

When A is an array of Interval objects, the output is an array of logical values of the same size as A.

Version History

Introduced in R2019b