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Open the Fixed-Point Tool



fxptdlg(system_name) opens the Fixed-Point Tool for the Simulink® model or subsystem specified by system_name.

You can also access this tool by the following methods:

  • From the Apps tab, under Code Generation click Fixed-Point Tool.

  • From a subsystem context (right-click) menu, select Fixed-Point Tool.


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Open a Simulink model.


Open the Fixed-Point Tool with the Controller subsystem selected as the system under design.


Most of the functionality in the Fixed-Point Tool is for use with the Fixed-Point Designer™ software. However, even if you do not have Fixed-Point Designer software, you can configure data type override settings to simulate a model that specifies fixed-point data types. In this mode, the Simulink software temporarily overrides fixed-point data types with floating-point data types when simulating the model.

Note that if you use fi objects or embedded numeric data types in your model or workspace, you might introduce fixed-point data types into your model. You can set fipref to prevent the checkout of a Fixed-Point Designer license.

To simulate a model without using Fixed-Point Designer:

Enter the following at the command line.

set_param(gcs, 'DataTypeOverride', 'Double',...

If you use fi objects or embedded numeric data types in your model, set the fipref DataTypeOverride property to TrueDoubles or TrueSingles (to be consistent with the model-wide data type override setting) and the DataTypeOverrideAppliesTo property to All numeric types.

For example, at the MATLAB® command line, enter:

 p = fipref('DataTypeOverride', 'TrueDoubles', ...
		'DataTypeOverrideAppliesTo', 'AllNumericTypes');

Input Arguments

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Model or subsystem to analyze or convert in the Fixed-Point Tool.

Data Types: string

Version History

Introduced before R2006a