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Check for obsolete Unit Delay Enabled/Resettable Blocks

Check ID: com.mathworks.HDL.ModelChecker.runObsoleteDelaysChecks

Check ID: com.mathworks.HDL.ModelAdvisor.runObsoleteDelaysChecks

Check if the DUT contains obsolete Unit Delay Enabled/Resettable blocks


This check displays a warning if the DUT Subsystem contains any of these blocks:

  • Unit Delay Enabled

  • Unit Delay Resettable

  • Unit Delay Enabled Resettable

These blocks have been obsoleted. The code generator does not recommend usage of these blocks in your Simulink® model.

Results and Recommended Actions

To fix this warning, click Modify Settings and the code generator replaces these blocks with the corresponding synchronous counterparts:

These blocks are recommended because they use the State Control block for synchronous simulation behavior and generate hardware-friendly HDL code. For more information, see Synchronous Subsystem Behavior with the State Control Block.