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Model Compatibility Checks

Description of the HDL Code Advisor, and how to use it to check and update your model for compatibility with HDL code generation

Use the HDL Code Advisor or the HDL Coder checks in the Model Advisor to verify and update your Simulink® model or subsystem for compatibility with HDL code generation. You can select and run the checks for model configuration, native floating-point support, and industry-standard guidelines. When you run the checks, the Code Advisor displays the result as a pass or a fail. For a fail status, the Code Advisor lists model settings or conditions that are not compliant with HDL Coder™. You can fix warnings or failures by using the Code Advisor recommended settings


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hdlcodeadvisorOpen HDL Code Advisor
modeladvisorOpen Model Advisor
checkhdlCheck subsystem or model for HDL code generation compatibility
hdllibDisplay blocks that are compatible with HDL code generation
hdlsetupSet up model parameters for HDL code generation

Model Checks

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Check HDL Compatibility of Simulink Model Using HDL Code Advisor

Overview of the HDL Code Advisor, how to run various checks, fix warnings associated with the checks, and view and save reports.

Run Model Advisor Checks for HDL Coder

The Model Advisor checks a model or subsystem for conditions and configuration settings that can result in inaccurate or inefficient simulation.

HDL Code Advisor Checks

Overview of the HDL Code Advisor, what the various checks are, and where to find information pertaining to the checks.

Check Your Model for HDL Compatibility

How to check your models for HDL code generation compatibility.

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