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Washing Machine Fault Analysis

This example shows how to model a washing machine and introduce a fault in its operation. The machine water supply faults at a specific time and this example models the system response under this scenario. The electric motor switches off and the machine operation is aborted by discharging the partially filled outer drum.

Model Overview


set_param(find_system('sscv_washing_machine_fault_analysis','FindAll', 'on','type','annotation','Tag','ModelFeatures'),'Interpreter','off')

Control Overview

To modify or edit the machine wash cycle, use the ProgramTimer subsystem, which comprises the response to a fault.


Simulation Results from Simscape™ Logging

The plot below shows the water inlet and outlet valve operation (On/Off) and the pump operation with outer drum fill level. When the inlet valve faults, the pump switches off. After some time, the outlet valve opens to discharge the partially filled washing machine drum.


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