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Class: matlabtest.coder.TestCase
Namespace: matlabtest.coder

Create test case for interactive use

Since R2023a



testCase = matlabtest.coder.TestCase.forInteractiveUse creates an interactive equivalence test case to test C/C++ code that was generated by using MATLAB® Coder™. The returned matlabtest.coder.TestCase reacts to qualifications by printing messages for passing and failing events.



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This example shows how to generate C code from a MATLAB function and test for equivalence by using an interactive equivalence test.

The function myAdd takes two numbers as inputs, adds them together, and outputs the result.

function y = myAdd(a,b) %#codegen
y = a+b;

Create a test case for interactive equivalence testing.

testCase =  matlabtest.coder.TestCase.forInteractiveUse;

Generate C code from myAdd with inputs set to (1,2).

buildResults = build(testCase,"myAdd",Inputs={1,2});
[Verbose] Diagnostic logged (2023-01-09 10:32:20): ### Generating code for "myAdd.m" (MEX configuration)
[Verbose] Diagnostic logged (2023-01-09 10:32:23): Code generation successful.

Execute the generated C code with the build-time inputs.

executionResults = execute(testCase,buildResults);
Assertion passed.
[Verbose] Diagnostic logged (2023-01-09 10:32:23): ### Executing "myAdd_mex.mexw64" with specified run-time inputs
[Verbose] Diagnostic logged (2023-01-09 10:32:23): Execution successful.

Verify that the execution of the C code matches the execution of the MATLAB function with the same inputs.

Verification passed.

Version History

Introduced in R2023a