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Create Custom UI Components

Create your own reusable custom UI components for use in apps

Create your own custom UI components to use in your apps or to share with others. You can use custom components to extend existing UI component functionality, to break up large apps into independent and maintainable pieces, and to design an interface for users to customize and reuse a component across multiple apps. Create custom components interactively in App Designer or programmatically by creating a subclass of the ComponentContainer base class. In both cases, you can configure your components to be used interactively in App Designer apps.


matlab.ui.componentcontainer.ComponentContainer Base class for developing custom UI component objects (Since R2020b)


setupSet up instance of component container subclass
updateUpdate instance of UI component container subclass after setting properties


appdesigner.customcomponent.configureMetadataConfigure custom UI component for use in App Designer (Since R2021a)
appdesigner.customcomponent.removeMetadataRemove custom UI component from App Designer (Since R2021a)


Create Components in App Designer

Create Components Programmatically

Use and Share Components