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Determine whether datastore is subsettable

Since R2022b



tf = isSubsettable(ds) returns logical 1 (true) if the datastore is able to be subsetted. If the datastore is not subsettable, the result is logical 0 (false). Datastores containing underlying datastores, such as TransformedDatastore, CombinedDatastore, and SequentialDatastore, are subsettable only when all underlying datastores are subsettable.


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Create an image datastore for the image files in a sample folder. Then, write an if/else statement that subsets the datastore only if it is subsettable.

folders = fullfile(matlabroot,"toolbox","matlab",["demos","imagesci"]);
exts = [".jpg",".png",".tif"];
imds = imageDatastore(folders,"LabelSource","foldernames","FileExtensions",exts);

Write an if/else statement that subsets the datastore only if it is subsettable.

if isSubsettable(imds)
    newds = subset(imds,2);
    disp("Subset successful.")
    disp("Datastore is not subsettable.")
Subset successful.

Input Arguments

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Input datastore. You can use these datastores as input:

  • MATLAB® datastores — Datastores created using MATLAB datastore functions. For example, create a datastore for a collection of images using ImageDatastore. For a complete list of datastores, see Select Datastore for File Format or Application.

  • Combined, sequential, and transformed datastores — Datastores created using the combine and transform functions.

  • Custom datastores — Datastores created using the custom datastore framework. Any datastore that is a subclass of supports the isSubsettable function. See Develop Custom Datastore for more information.

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Version History

Introduced in R2022b