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Compare two HeaderField arrays


field1 == field2
tf = eq(field1,field2)



field1 == field2 compares two HeaderField arrays element by element, returning an array of logical values indicating matching elements. The arrays must have the same dimensions, unless one is a scalar.

Two header fields are equal if they are functionally equivalent, even if they are not identical. Functionally equivalent means both of these conditions are true:

  • Name properties match using a case-insensitive comparison

  • Value properties match. If the convert method is supported for the HeaderField type, MATLAB® uses the isequal method on the results of convert. If convert is not supported, comparisons are based on a case-sensitive match of the Value strings.

The == method compares the Name and Value properties only. The method ignores the actual classes of field1 and field2, since both are instances of the HeaderField class.

tf = eq(field1,field2) is an alternative way to execute field1 == field2. The method returns a logical scalar or array.

Input Arguments

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Header field, specified as a object or a vector of HeaderField objects.

Header field, specified as a object or a vector of HeaderField objects.


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This comparison evaluates to true, even though one object being compared is a HeaderField object and the other is a DateField object.

dt = datetime('now');
HeaderField('Date',dt) == DateField(dt)
ans = logical

Introduced in R2016b