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Surface and Mesh Plots

Representing gridded data as surface and mesh plots

Visualize 3-D data using surface and mesh plots. Create surfaces that are made of solid or semitransparent faces and face edges, and create mesh plots that show only the face edges.


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surfSurface plot
surfcContour plot under surface plot
surfacePrimitive surface plot
surflSurface plot with colormap-based lighting
surfnormSurface normals
meshMesh surface plot
meshcContour plot under mesh surface plot
meshzMesh surface plot with curtain
fsurfPlot 3-D surface
fmeshPlot 3-D mesh
fimplicit3Plot 3-D implicit function
pcolorPseudocolor plot
waterfallWaterfall plot
ribbonRibbon plot
contour33-D contour plot
peaksPeaks function
cylinderCreate cylinder
ellipsoidCreate ellipsoid
sphereCreate sphere
hiddenRemove hidden lines from mesh plot
surf2patchConvert surface data to patch data


Surface PropertiesChart surface appearance and behavior
Surface PropertiesPrimitive surface appearance and behavior
FunctionSurface PropertiesSurface chart appearance and behavior
ImplicitFunctionSurface PropertiesImplicit surface chart appearance and behavior
ParameterizedFunctionSurface PropertiesParameterized surface chart appearance and behavior


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