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Add MATLAB Grader Assessment Items to LMS Course

MATLAB® Grader™ provides outcomes from automated assessments that feed directly to your grade book or learning analytics platform, giving you progress tracking and reporting in the tools you use every day for course management.

When you add assessments to an LMS course, you have access to any assessment item stored in one of your MATLAB Grader collections. These might be assessment items you created yourself or you copied from the MathWorks® Collections of problem examples.


Only a single MATLAB Grader assessment item can be linked to a single assignment in the LMS grade book. Review the documentation for the grade book feature of your LMS vendor for ways to combine multiple assessment item scores into a single grade.

When you are ready to add MATLAB Grader assessments to your LMS course, do the pre-work in this section first for the best success.

Pre-Work for Adding Assessments to LMS

Step 1: Create a Collection

Create your own customized assessment items or copy sample assessment items from MathWorks and store them in one or more collections.

For instructions, see Create Collections and Groups and Create or Copy Coding Problems.

Step 2. Confirm LMS Integration

Make sure that the MATLAB Grader integration with your LMS has been done. The best way to determine this is by trying to add MATLAB Grader assessment items to your LMS course. Find your LMS in the Related Links in this section.

If you cannot find the MATLAB Grader integration, or you are uncertain if MATLAB Grader has been integrated yet, contact your LMS administrator. You can direct your LMS administrator to the instructions in Integrate LMS Using LTI.

Step 3: Link MathWorks Account to LMS

For your LMS course, you have access to any coding problems that you created and stored in MATLAB Grader.

To access these problems: from your LMS, navigate to MATLAB Grader and then use the sign-in link at the top of the Add Problem page.

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