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Integrate MATLAB Grader with Other LMS — LTI 1.3

Add MATLAB Grader to Other LMS

To add MATLAB® Grader™ to an LMS not otherwise listed, follow the steps in this section.


For all text that you copy and then paste into the integration fields, make sure there are no leading and trailing spaces in the text, otherwise the integration might not work.

Step 1. Sign in as LMS Administrator

Sign in to your university’s learning management system (LMS) as a user with administrator privileges, specifically the ability to register a new LTI 1.3/Advantage tool.

Step 2. Create Entry for New LTI 1.3/Advantage Tool

In your LMS, go to Manage Tools and create an entry for a new LTI 1.3/Advantage tool. Check with your LMS vendor for detailed instructions on how to begin this process.

Step 3. Register LTI 1.3/Advantage Tool

  1. When prompted by your LMS, use the following values to configure MATLAB Grader:

    Field NameField Value
    Tool NameMATLAB Grader LTI 1.3
    Tool URL / Target URL / Launch URL
    Tool DescriptionAutomatically grade MATLAB code
  2. Change LTI version to LTI 1.3. The form updates with the new fields. Use the following values when prompted:

    Field NameField Value
    Public key typeKeyset URL or Public JWK URL
    Public keyset URL or Public JWK URL
    Initiate login URL or OIDC Authentication URL
    Redirect URL or Redirect URI
  3. If prompted, make sure that IMS LTI Assignment and Grade Services is set to YES or checked.

  4. Under Privacy, if prompted, use the following options:

    Field NameField Value
    Share launcher’s name with toolNever
    Share launcher’s email with toolNever
    Accept grades from the toolAlways
    Force SSL, Use SSL, Require Secure Connections, or USE HTTPSYES or checked
  5. Save your tool configuration.

Step 4. Obtain Tool Configuration Details from Your LMS

In this step, you get configuration details so that you can register the LMS information in MATLAB Grader in the next step.

Locate the newly created entry for “MATLAB Grader LTI 1.3” in your LMS. The information you see for the MATLAB Grader configuration and the specific labels of each field might be different in your LMS, but you must identify the following values.

  • Issuer or Platform ID

  • Client ID

  • Public keyset URL

  • Access token URL or endpoint

  • OIDC auth request endpoint or Authentication request URL

  • Deployment ID

If you have any issues locating these values, contact the vendor for your LMS.

Step 5. Sign in to MATLAB Grader as an LMS Administrator

When you sign in to MATLAB Grader, use the MathWorks® Account associated with the LMS administrator. The account holder must also be a license administrator for managing MathWorks licenses, and must have been given access to MATLAB Grader by MathWorks Customer Support or by another license administrator at your university.

Sign in at the URL and then click LMS Integration. Alternatively, you can access the page directly at

Step 6. Register the LMS Information in MATLAB Grader

On the LMS Integration page:

  1. Under Step 1, choose LTI Version “LTI 1.3.”

  2. Under Step 3, using the information that you copied in "Step 4. Obtain Tool Configuration Details from Your LMS", provide the following values.

    • Issuer

    • Client ID

    • Public keyset URL

    • Access token URL or endpoint

    • OIDC auth request endpoint

    • Deployment ID

  3. Click Submit.

Ready For Instructor Access

The integration is now complete. Instructors can now add MATLAB Grader problems to their courses.

Troubleshooting Your MATLAB Grader LMS Integration

Common causes for a failed integration are:

  • URLs are protected behind a firewall or not on the public internet. This includes SSO challenges.

  • There is either no SSL certificate or the SSL certificate is self signed.

  • URLs must use HTTPS.

  • The LMS server is configured on a non-standard port number. LMS servers can be configured behind a proxy service or port mapping at a firewall to ensure the public access to the server is always through port 443.

If you have a non-standard LMS installation, you might need to make some configuration changes to allow the MATLAB Grader server and your LMS server to talk to each other successfully.

Getting Help

If at any point in this process you require assistance integrating MATLAB Grader with your LMS using LTI 1.3, contact MathWorks Technical Support.

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