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Get handle to axes in slice viewer

Since R2023a



hAx = getAxesHandle(s) returns the axes in the sliceViewer object s.


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Run this code to download a data set from the MathWorks® website and unzip the downloaded folder. The data set contains three CT volumes that are each saved as a directory of DICOM files. The size of the entire data set is approximately 81 MB. The scan used by this example, LungCT01, is stored in the folder specified by dataFolder.

zipFile = matlab.internal.examples.downloadSupportFile("medical","");
filepath = fileparts(zipFile);
dataFolder = fullfile(filepath,"MedicalVolumeDICOMData","LungCT01");

Create a medical image volume object that contains the image data and spatial referencing information for the CT volume. The Orientation property indicates that the primary slice direction is "transverse".

medVol = medicalVolume(dataFolder);

View the transverse slices of the volume in the slice viewer. By default, the viewer uses the properties of medVol to scale anisotropic voxels, set the intensity display range, and orient the slices. The viewer opens on the center slice. Use the scroll bar to navigate to other slices.

sv = sliceViewer(medVol,Parent=figure);

Get the handle to the axes that contains the image slices in the slice viewer.

hAx = getAxesHandle(sv)
hAx = 
  Axes with properties:

             XLim: [0.5000 512.5000]
             YLim: [0.5000 512.5000]
           XScale: 'linear'
           YScale: 'linear'
    GridLineStyle: '-'
         Position: [30 57.5000 512 512]
            Units: 'pixels'

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Input Arguments

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Slice viewer, specified as a sliceViewer object.

Output Arguments

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Axes in the slice viewer window, returned as an Axes object.

Version History

Introduced in R2023a

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