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Import cluster profiles from file


prof = parallel.importProfile(filename)


prof = parallel.importProfile(filename) imports the profiles stored in the specified file and returns the names of the imported profiles. If filename has no extension, .mlsettings is assumed; configuration files must be specified with the .mat extension. Configuration .mat files contain only one profile, but profile .mlsettings files can contain one or more profiles. If only one profile is defined in the file, then prof is a character vector reflecting the name of the profile; if multiple profiles are defined in the file, then prof is a cell array of character vectors. If a profile with the same name as an imported profile already exists, an extension is added to the name of the imported profile.

You can use the imported profile with any functions that support profiles. parallel.importProfile does not set any of the imported profiles as the default; you can set the default profile by using the parallel.defaultProfile function.

Profiles that were exported in a previous release are upgraded during import. Configurations are automatically converted to cluster profiles.

Imported profiles are saved as a part of your MATLAB settings, so these profiles are available in subsequent MATLAB sessions without importing again.


Import a profile from file ProfileMain.mlsettings and set it as the default cluster profile.

profile_main = parallel.importProfile('ProfileMain');

Import all the profiles from the file ManyProfiles.mlsettings, and use the first one to open a parallel pool.

profs = parallel.importProfile('ManyProfiles');

Import a configuration from the file OldConfiguration.mat, and set it as the default parallel profile.

old_conf = parallel.importProfile('OldConfiguration.mat')

Version History

Introduced in R2012a