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Show or hide peak marker table



showPeaksTable(p,vis) shows or hides a table of the peak values. By default, the peak values table is visible.

Input Arguments

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Polar plot, specified as a scalar handle.

Show or hide peaks table, specified as 0 or 1.


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Create a 15-element ULA of cosine antennas with elements spaced one-half wavelength apart. Then, plot the directivity of the array at 20 GHz.

Note: This example runs only in R2016b or later. If you are using an earlier release, replace each call to the function with the equivalent step syntax. For example, replace myObject(x) with step(myObject,x).

fc = 20.0e9;
c = physconst('Lightspeed');
lam = c/fc;
angs = [-180:1:180];
antenna = phased.CosineAntennaElement('FrequencyRange',[1.0e9,100.0e9],...
    'CosinePower',[2.5 2.5]);
array = phased.ULA('Element',antenna,'NumElements',15,'ElementSpacing',lam/2);

Plot the polar pattern and show three peaks of the antenna. When creating a polarpattern plot, if you specify the Peaks property, the peaks table is displayed by default.

a = pattern(array,fc,angs,0);
P = polarpattern(angs,a,'Peaks',3);

{"String":"Figure Polar Measurement contains an object of type uicontainer.","Tex":[],"LaTex":[]}

Hide the table. When the peaks table is hidden, the peak markers display the peak values.



Version History

Introduced in R2016a