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Run Polyspace as You Code in IDEs or Editors Without Plugins

Configure Polyspace as You Code plugin for command-line runs, trigger command-line runs from unsupported IDEs and editors

You can run Polyspace® as You Code directly in a terminal in your operating system. If you are able to trigger command-line runs and view console output within your IDE or editor, you can use Polyspace as You Code on IDEs or editors that are not directly supported with plugins or extensions.

DOS/UNIX Commands

polyspace-access(DOS/UNIX) Manage Polyspace Access results and users at the command line
polyspace-bug-finder-access(DOS/UNIX) Run Polyspace as You Code from Windows, Linux, or other command line
polyspace-comments-import (Polyspace Bug Finder)(DOS/UNIX) Import review information from previous Polyspace analysis
polyspace-configure (Polyspace Bug Finder)(DOS/UNIX) Create Polyspace project from your build system at the DOS or UNIX command line
polyspace-results-export (Polyspace Bug Finder)(DOS/UNIX) Export Polyspace results to external formats such as CSV or JSON



Installation and Configuration