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Multifunction and cognitive radar, automotive radar, AI for radar, and hardware connectivity

The Radar Toolbox supports many diverse radar applications. For automotive applications, you can design systems for detection and classification, especially in automated driving. For target tracking, you can employ adaptive radar designs that automatically reset radar parameters to respond to changing operating conditions. You can simulate radar waveforms and echos to detect objects with simple geometries such as cylinders and cones. Some applications simulate the micro-Doppler signatures of complex objects such as helicopters, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Other applications show how to model antennas and channels. The toolbox also supports the visualization of live and prerecorded radar signals.


  • Automotive Radar
    Probabilistic and physics-based radar sensor models, simulation of MIMO antennas, waveforms, I/Q radar signals, micro-Doppler signatures, detections, clusters and tracks
  • Multifunction Radar
    Closed-loop simulation, waveform selection, search and track modes, PRF agility, frequency agility, interference mitigation
  • AI for Radar
    Labeling of radar signals, simulated radar signals to train machine and deep learning models, target classification, signal classification
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
    Antenna footprint and resolution, range and cross-range ambiguities, SAR image distortions, SAR image SNR, noise equivalent reflectivity, rain clutter