Release Notes

New Products and Major Updates

5G Toolbox

Simulate, analyze, and test 5G communications systems

Deep Learning Toolbox

Design, train, and analyze deep learning networks

Financial Instruments Toolbox

Design, price, and hedge complex financial instruments

Fixed-Point Designer

Model and optimize fixed-point and floating-point algorithms


Generate C and C++ code from MATLAB® code

MATLAB Compiler

Build standalone executables and web apps from MATLAB programs

MATLAB Web App Server

Share MATLAB apps and Simulink® simulations as browser-based web apps

Motor Control Blockset

Design and implement motor control algorithms

OPC Toolbox

Read and write data from OPC servers and data historians

Simscape Fluids

Model and simulate fluid systems

Simulink 3D Animation

Visualize dynamic system behavior in a virtual reality environment

Simulink Compiler

Share simulations as standalone executables, web apps, and Functional Mockup Units (FMUs)

Simulink Coverage

Measure test coverage in models and generated code

WLAN Toolbox

Simulate, analyze, and test WLAN communications systems

Wireless HDL Toolbox

Design and implement 5G and LTE communications subsystems for FPGAs, ASICs, and SoCs