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Ring resonator, square resonator

Microwave resonators are used in a variety of applications, including filters, oscillators, frequency meters, and tuned amplifiers. Resonant structures such as rectangular, circular, and ring resonators are widely used in oscillators and filters.


resonatorRingCreate gap-coupled ring resonator in microstrip form
resonatorSplitRingSquareCreate microstrip line loaded with square split-ring resonator
resonatorSplitRingCustomCreate custom split-ring resonator in microstrip form


showDisplay PCB component structure or PCB shape
infoDisplay information about PCB component structure
designCoupledLineCalculate dimensions of coupled-line section for specified frequency
designUncoupledLineCalculate dimensions of uncoupled-line section for specified frequency
designOutputLineCalculate dimensions of output line section for specified frequency
shapesExtract all metal layer shapes of PCB component