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Configure MATLAB to Acquire Images from Vision Module

After you perform the initial configuration activities as described in Set Up IMAQ Adapter for matlab_kortex Driver, you can configure MATLAB® to acquire images from vision module of the Kinova® Gen3 robot.

  1. Register the adaptor library with MATLAB

    In the MATLAB command window, use the imaqregister command to register the adaptor from KINOVA Robotics with Image Acquisition Toolbox™. This step needs to be performed only once.

    • For the Windows® operating system, the library file is ‘kinova_vision_imaq.dll’ and it is located in the installation folder. For example, if the installation folder is ‘C:\Program Files\Kinova\Vision Imaq’ then the command to register the adaptor is:

      imaqregister('C:\Program Files\Kinova\Vision Imaq’); 
    • For Linux® operating system, the library file is '' and it is available inside the downloaded folder.

  2. Verify the registration

    1. Reset the image acquisition hardware

    2. Get information about the available image acquisition hardware


      If the adaptor is registered correctly, ‘kinova_vision_imaq’ is present under list of installed adaptors. If the adaptor is not listed under the installed adapters, then restart the MATLAB and continue with Step 3.

  3. Acquire image from cameras

    • Windows OS

      1. Create a video input object for RGB camera

        vid1 = videoinput('kinova_vision_imaq', 1, 'RGB24'); 
      2. Set frames per trigger and get information about currently selected video source object

        vid1.FramesPerTrigger = 1; 
        src1 = getselectedsource(vid1);
      3. Change device properties

        src1.CloseConnectionOnStop = 'Enabled';
        src1.Ipv4Address = ‘’;  
      4. Preview the video object

      5. Close the preview and delete the video object

      6. Display the colorized depth video

        vid2 = videoinput('kinova_vision_imaq', 2, 'MONO16'); 
        vid2.FramesPerTrigger = 1; 
        src2 = getselectedsource(vid2); 
        src2.CloseConnectionOnStop = 'Enabled'; 
        src2.Ipv4Address = ''; 
        im = preview(vid2); 
        ax = im.Parent; 
        im.CDataMapping = 'scaled'; 
        colormap(ax, hot); 
        ax.CLimMode = 'auto'; 
        ax.CLim = [0 20]; 
    • Linux OS

      • The only difference in the workflow for Linux operating system is the name of adaptor. For Linux, the adaptor name is libkinova_vision_imaq instead of kinova_vision_imaq for Windows.

      • Perform the remaining steps, which are same as mentioned under Windows operating system.