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Report Generator Creation

Create a MATLAB® program to generate a Microsoft® Word, HTML, or PDF report

Use the MATLAB Report Generator™ application programming interface (API) to create programs to generate reports. To get started, see Create a Report Program. Other topics below have details about the required and optional tasks, and the elements that make up a report generator program. For general information on reporters, see What Is a Reporter?

To share your report generation program with others who do not have MATLAB installed on their systems, see Create a Standalone Application from a Report Program.


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mlreportgen.dom.DocumentDocument container Superclass for MATLAB reporters
mlreportgen.finder.FinderCreate A MATLAB Finder
mlreportgen.dom.MessageDispatcherDOM message dispatcher
mlreportgen.dom.MessageEventDataHolds message triggering message event
mlreportgen.dom.MessageFilterFilter to control message dispatcher
mlreportgen.dom.DebugMessageDebugging message
mlreportgen.dom.ErrorMessageError message
mlreportgen.dom.ProgressMessageProgress message
mlreportgen.dom.WarningMessageWarning message


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rptviewDisplay report or presentation
docviewView or perform operations on Word document
rptconvertConvert DocBook XML files into supported document formats



Create a Report Program

Overview and general information about creating a report program.

Required Report Tasks and Elements

Create Report Container

Create report object to hold report content.

Construct a Report API or DOM API Object

Construct objects using API classes.

Add Content to a Report

Use append to add content to Report API or DOM API reports and report elements.

Close a Report

The last step in creating a report with the DOM API is to close the report.

Optional Report Tasks and Elements

Import the API Packages

Import packages so that you do not have to use long, fully qualified class names.

Display Progress and Debugger Messages

Specify messages to display when generating a report.

Display Report

Display the generated report in a viewer.

Create a Standalone Application from a Report Program

Enable sharing of report generation programs with users who do not have MATLAB installed.


Resolve Error from Closing a PDF Document on a Cloud Drive

Troubleshoot an error that is caused by file contention during PDF generation on a cloud drive.

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